The planning for Wicked STEM is well underway and we are excited at all the amazing activities that are in the works!

As we talk to more people in the STEM community we are seeing just how much this event is needed.  These are just a few examples of the great progress education organizations are making in Northern New England.

 A few weeks ago  Southern New Hampshire University opened the $50 million College of Engineering, Technology and Aeronautics (CETA) building.  It includes specialized drone-pads, a robotics lab and a 3D printing lab.

The new $6M lab at UNH Manchester features state-of-the-art equipment which will be used for classes, faculty research and incubator space for startup companies. The lab will also in part support the workforce needs of the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI) and provide the education needed for the qualified workers that bioengineering requires.

The Academy of Applied Science organizes events and programs where students apply scientific knowledge to life, research and inventions.  One such event they organize is the Young Inventors’ Competition, a competition that asks children to create an invention to solve a problem of their choosing. The K-12 students compete within their schools, regionally, and internationally to come up with creative solutions and present and market their idea at Invention Convention where STEM industry representatives and community members serve as role models, resources, and judges for the school and regional competitions.

A variety of hands-on activities were completed by elementary school students in Maine during Computer Science Education week.  These activities help students at a young age gain critical-thinking and problem solving skills. 

There are so many great opportunities for students in Northern New England and Wicked STEM will be a meeting place for it all!


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