Hi everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the current state of events with the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are still moving forward with the Wicked STEM expo in October. We will continue to assess the situation and make decisions with the health and safety of everyone as a top priority.

 What we see happening these days is the exact reason why we need to have events like Wicked STEM.  The pace of innovation and advancement has exploded, and there are many smart people working tirelessly to come up with a vaccine, create more testing, convert gymnasiums into hospitals, and do so much more to help our response to this crisis.  The outcomes from COVID-19 will lead to accelerated advancements in technology, healthcare, and emergency response fields.  

 In both good times and bad, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are critical components of ensuring a safe and healthy society. We want to educate and inspire students at Wicked STEM to show them the variety of careers available to them right here in Northern New England.  They could one day contribute to solving a public health crisis, invent a flying car, or anything in between. The options are endless.  

Stay healthy, and we’ll see you in October.

Stephanie Baxter

Events and Public Relations Manager

New Hampshire Union Leader

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